Gina McGarry’s speech at Tara 22nd October 2006.

A Dhaoine Uaisle! (Good People!)
Siochán! (Peace!)
Beannacht Dia agus Bandia leat! (Blessings of God/Goddess to you!)

Is mise Gina McGarry. I am Gina McGarry
I am deeply humbled to stand before you this day.
The Archdruid of Dublin, Anrai O”Raghallaigh has said that no one need come to Ireland to teach the Irish anything.
Let me assure you that I come not to teach, I come to serve Ireland and her people and I place all that I am and all that I have in that service. For me, this role is not about power, it is about radical service.
Yeats once said of Ireland, “I have loved you better than my soul.” I feel exactly the same.

I salute the local community of Tara and I offer all of my support and respect.

I salute Mna na h-Eireann, the Women of Ireland, past and present, who are my role models, my mothers and mentors. May we find our voices once again.

I salute our ancestors and the spirits of this place, Morrigu and Lugh, Dagda and Boann, Grainne and Finn McCumhail, and Tephi and Teamhir and Cormac McArt and countless others who gather with us now.

I salute all who have kept vigil for Tara, people all over the world, each in their own way.

I am not interested in heroes, battling to save the day. We have seen the destruction that results in. In our evolution, I, along with many others, see a different way, a way that is now being scientifically proven in the field of quantum physics. This different way will be the way of lovers, those who are empowered to give their love and blessings to their world every day. This way affirms that EVERYONE of us has the power to bless and through those constant blessings, we can bring about change that benefits ALL.

And so I salute my brothers who are lovers, who love the Earth and her children, who love and respect women and their children, who with their gentle strength nurture the world.

If this day brings nothing else, may we stand together in mutual respect, with our love for Tara and for Ireland our common meeting ground. May there be an end to hostilities, so that we may sit together at the table and create solutions.

May we, together, right now, make a great magic, let us make a blessing of protection for Tara and a blessing of peace for the world.

May we take hands and breathing together, visualise a protected Tara and a peaceful world. Let us nourish the spirits of the land, in thanksgiving for all the ways they nourish us.

Long may Tara prevail!

Photo’s of Gina McGarry’s raising at Tara 22nd October 2006.

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