Straight-Talk is a service of TracFone Wireless Inc., Us’s largest no-contract cell phone supplier in the US has new Straight Talk promo code

Straight-Talk marketing codes eliminate the demand for a cell telephone agreement, helping you cut your phone bill in half. Now change your iPhone 5 to Straight-Talk and save countless dollars in your cell phone bill with promotional material featured at Make the most of deep discounts on add-ons and telephones with all the Straight-Talk Right Back-to-College selling. Or catch end-of- close out relates to Straight-Talk Labour Day promotions yahoo finance.

Straight-Talk is a prepaid MVNO that provides the ability to purchase sim-cards you can take in to any AT -suitable, T Mobile-compatible, or unlocked GSM phone. This includes I-phone 5 and several Samsung Galaxys s that you can buy refurbished or on the used market. For $45 per month you get unlimited information, unlimited text, and unlimited minutes with no credit checks and no contracts. Additionally you prevent the typical cell phone taxes that can include $5 to $10 per line. Infinite signifies 3G/4G info speeds for 2.5 GB each month, restrained to 2G info speed from then on.

The second code can be an excellent offer since existing users can simply use the $45 plan card to reload their existing card. The two things are different although you do not have to use it with the 99 cent SIM card that is different, it is marketed as a package. That’s an unlimited month for only $26. Here’s a screen shot of my order display for $20 off.