A Glastonbury local Druid order re-forms.

A local Order of Druids in Glastonbury has re-formed. On Saturday 16th September 2006 a meeting gathered at the White Spring, proceeding later to the Fairfield, the following announcement was made:

“The purpose of this meeting is to re-form the local Order of Druids. Rather than merely changing its name, we find that for administrative reasons it is far more convenient to start up afresh.

The reason for re-forming the Order is primarily efficiency; we are concerned that our own local work is suffering because of the demands placed on some of our senior Druids by business at national level. We feel that by re-forming the Order we will be able to concentrate more fully on local affairs, and that in future we will be able to choose the degree to which we are nationally involved, rather than having it imposed upon us by history.

We would like to avoid the use of the word ‘Glastonbury’ because there are far too many organisations using this name already, among them at least two Druid Orders, and also because Mr. Eavis has trademarked the word ‘Glastonbury’ and we don’t feel like paying him to use it!

It is proposed that our new Order be called the Western Order of Druids, abbreviated ‘WOOD’. This name reflects the fact that, despite the foregoing, not all of our activities are confined to Glastonbury.”

A large circle of sixty or so people formed in the Fairfield, from which the membership of the new Order, twenty-eight in total, joined the nominal Head of Order, Denny Price, in the circle’s centre. Of these, nineteen were new members, who are known as ‘saplings’.

Following the initiation of the Western Order, the circle also witnessed the ‘raising’, or formal acceptance, of a new member (from Japan) of the neighbouring Outer Order of Druids, from Exmoor, who have become the first Druid Order formally to recognise the Western Order.

The party atmosphere was greatly enhanced by the presence of Bards of national renown, among them Pok and Pixi, who played and sang throughout, and provided fine entertainment long after the ceremonies were over.

Representatives of many Druidical traditions and related paths attended the event, among them the Hibernian Order; the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids; the Outer Order of Druids (Exmoor); the Mystic Order of Druids; the Rainbow Circle and Oak Dragon; the Dolmen Grove; the Bardic Chair of Caer Badon; the Bardic Council of Ynys Wytrin; the Guardians of the White Spring and the Friends of Bride’s Mound. New members of the Order included several visiting Druids from the USA.


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